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Words from our families

Ms. Kelly is amazing! I love working with Ms. Kelly because we play lots of speech games and she helps me say more words. I love her!

                -From one of our patients


Working with Kelly was one of the best choices for our son and his speech needs. She is thoughtful, very patient, and understanding, and she updates me on new methods she tries with my son or new activities for home practice. Beyond her speech therapy expertise, she is aware of sensory needs and personality differences, and appropriately adjusts each session to what her client needs that day while still working towards overall goals. She noticed my son’s kinesthetic nature as well as his interest in reading, so she added tactile cues for each new speech sound and incorporated ways for him to read more to practice his sounds. Kelly always welcomes us in to observe therapy sessions, including my daughter (who loves to help her brother practice speech at home) and gives her tasks to assist with.

We also watched Kelly work with a graduate intern, and Kelly’s calm, positive approach is a fantastic model for therapists-in-training that she upholds with each of her clients. Beyond the professional experience, Kelly is sweet and delightful, and I always look forward to seeing her as much as my son does!

                                     - Caroline 

We have had the privilege of working with Kelly for 4 years. She was the speech therapist for our two children. They started with her when they were 1.5 and 2 years old. We sing Kelly's praises; her knowledge, skill set, experience and demeanor was a perfect fit for both of our children. She was able to think on her feet quickly and seemed to constantly adjust her instruction to meet the needs of the children. She was enthusiastic in their sessions, but also loving and gentle. There is a special finesse a therapist needs to work with young children and Kelly most certainly has it. The therapist of young children must also work with the parents. Kelly provided guidance for us to work with our children at home. She was a sounding board for our ideas and responsive to our questions and concerns. We felt confident that the time our children spent with Kelly was used efficiently and both our children and our therapist were working diligently towards the goals.                             

                                                                  - Samantha 

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