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Common concerns expressed by parents/caregivers:

  • Other people often have difficulty understanding my child’s speech.

  • My child gets frustrated when she is not understood. 

  • My child has difficulty with reading and spelling and does not like to read.

  • My child has difficulty telling me what happened or how he is feeling.

  • My child has difficulty making friends or keeping friends due to communication difficulties.


You are NOT alone!  If you want to determine if your child’s speech, language, and literacy skills are developing appropriately, we can help! 

Contact us for a screening or evaluation. 


During an evaluation, a combination of informal and formal testing is completed including parent/caregiver interview, clinical observation through play and conversation, and standardized testing.  These measures are used to diagnose if a speech/language problem is present and to determine the type and frequency of therapy,  


If therapy is recommended, a child-specific plan will be made and reviewed with caregivers. Therapy is offered in the PTC clinic with the goal of making therapy FUN, but effective.  Families are always encouraged to be a part of therapy!   

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